Professional, Personalized College Advising

Empowering students through the college application process.


With the right support, I know the college application process can be a positive learning experience. My goal is to empower students to see the strengths in themselves and their own stories. I work to make the college application process as low-stress as possible, and help students and families choose their best fit colleges. I want my students to feel curious, empowered, and better prepared for the exciting academic journey ahead.


Educational Planning in High School

High school can be an opportunity for students to discover passions and develop new interests. I help students and families navigate the high school years with emphasis on strong academics, and developing leadership skills through valuable extracurricular and community engagement. I support families in making curriculum decisions, building intentional summer experiences, and preparing for standardized testing.

Developing the College List

Families have so many choices as they approach the college application process. I help students and families determine best fit college options that will enable students to meet their career and academic goals. I use students’ skills, career interests, and personality assessments, as well as student and family preferences, to create a robust, individualized college list.

Preparing Applications and Writing Essays

The college application process involves multiple essays per application and many different deadlines. I support students through every step of the application process, helping them create a system to organize recommendation letters, transcript requests, submission of test scores, essay deadlines, and a thorough activities list. As we approach the personal and supplemental essays, I provide writing support from beginning to end, honing in on powerful writing topics and providing continued feedback and instruction on all essay writing.

The Process

Whether your child is just starting out in high school, or making decisions about where to apply to college, I can provide the level of support your student needs. I work with students to make the most of their high school experience, then support them through identifying a range of schools that will help them choose an academic community where they can thrive. We begin with an informational phone call, where I learn about your child and answer any questions you have about the college advising process.
  • Assess student’s interests and strengths
  • Encourage student involvement in extracurricular activities and leadership opportunities
  • Discuss curriculum choices with parents and student
  • Plan intentional summer activities related to career interest or college major
  • Plan ACT/ SAT test prep and teacher recs
  • Discuss any financial aid strategies and considerations with parents
  • Build college criteria priorities list with parent input and student assessment exercises
  • College list development and refinement- I deliver an initial list of 15-25 schools and discuss best practices for research with the entire family.
  • Provide support for all applications and college essay work
  • Help students manage deadlines
  • Help manage any waitlist or deferral decisions (if applicable), compare academic and financial choices of your final acceptances

About Me

I enjoy working with teenagers as they are processing their world and experiences. As a trained college consultant, I combine my knowledge of the college landscape, my writing coach skills, and my love of teenagers to provide your family with a low-stress college application process. After graduating from Brown University with a degree in Literature, I later earned a Master’s of Education from George Washington University. I taught writing in the AP English classroom for 15 years before becoming a college advisor. As both a teacher and a consultant I have years of experience guiding students through the college application process. I enjoy working with families to articulate the type of learning environment that will work best for their child. I am a positive and encouraging voice there to help students navigate college applications to the most selective school, as well as the perfect fit schools that a student or family may not have considered. I have enjoyed working with so many different students and am always  impressed by their many talents and passions.


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